by Joseph D. Mancuso – trainer at The Digital Arts Experience.

Rob Kissner (President of the DAE) showed me Evernote two years ago – just a couple of Iron Maiden fans enjoying a quick break from the madness of teaching people how to use their software.  We had a quick snack and talked about the frustration that my last lesson had with wanting – ”an email client that would do more than just email”, and the desire for “a note taking app that was better than pre-existing software on her ‘said’ computer’s operating system”.  Rob, being the most helpful mentor that he was, pulled out his iPhone and quickly gave me the run down on hands-down, one of the most best applications to date – Evernote!

Evernote, at the surface seems to just be a note taking application.  It’s Not!  Evernote allows the client to take notes, e-mail, create a to-do list that can go on and on, and more!  Evernote is a multi dimensional application.  It is amazing!  From the busy mom-or-the seasoned lawyer.  Evernote will work for any individual!  Everything added to Evernote is automatically synchronized across platforms and devices and made searchable. Evernote will even recognize printed or handwritten text in photos and images.  To me, that is an amazing app!  I personally use Evernote everyday!  Being busy with school, and working with our amazing clients.  Evernote allows me to stay on top of every aspect in my life. That is why we teach our clients how to use this amazing tool!

Evernote Quick Tip from Joe:

Evernote has this handy little feature that allows you to email your notes.  Lets think about this! Siri can send emails! I could get Siri to capture everything I needed to accomplish throughout my day and email straight to Evernote! So start experimenting with getting Siri to send notes to your Evernote. All you need to do is this:  (pre-requesitie: an iPhone 4S/iOS with Siri)

Step One:

Add a contact to your address book named “Evernote”.  To find what e-mail address to use for this new contact, open up Evernote on your computer.  In the top menu bar, click Evernote -> Account Info (as pictured below).  In the bottom left corner you will see text that says “E-mail notes to:”, and there will be an e-mail address listed below.  Enter that address in the e-mail field for the new “Evernote” contact on your device.

This is to allow Siri to function in the way you want her to.

Step Two:

After that, it is pretty much straightforward. Tell Siri to “email Evernote” and, sure enough, she will quickly respond; “[W]hat’s the subject of your e-mail?” The subject that you give Siri is converted into the name of the note. So be specific on where you want to put this message. The body will become the text. The content of the email can be left blank. “I simply told Siri “Nothing” when she asks me as to the content of the message”.  If it is a reminder, or something else that Siri can help you with, you can just email it right to Evernote.  This is not a hack.  This just is away of getting around stuff and allows you to play with Siri and Evernote in a new way!